1. Pluto: an intermediate payment service that uses U2F keys to expand accessibility and simplify the payment process for the unbanked while, to an extent, eliminating the need for smartphones and continuous internet access and not compromising on high encryption standards. Placed among the Global Top 10 Finalists at MasterCard NFTE World Series of Innovation. Website
  2. Sahay: Sahay started life as an idea to not only change the way the healthcare system works but also consolidate all the hospitals in the nearby areas and their equipment to make management and governing the system easier. Mainly a mobile app, Sahay allows hospitals to work together and share resources during this pandemic. With this project, we won two awards: First Place at Major League Hacking HackDTU (Delhi Technological University) - award of ₹50,000, and Bronze Award at ‘Build on Redis Hackathon 2021’ ($500).  Link to project   ****Website
  3. Marketune: A service that aims to help businesses with customer call retention by replacing annoying on-hold music with less redundant and more effective tunes and ads made by verified content creators on our platform. Made for Pinnacle “Olympics of Hackathons” 2021 **Detailed case study and Website**
  4. RediSafe: An app with live health tracking and contact tracing on a Redis powered blockchain. Built as a part of ‘Build on Redis’ Hackathon. Won Bronze Prize of $500. **Link to project  Website**
  5. NFTZ: NFTZ is a multi-currency multi-model wallet with abilities to create NFTs on-demand using images as well as other media. With NFTZ, we hope to simplify NFTs and their trade for the layman. This project won the Project Pick prize at an international hackathon, BlockHack Global 2021 ($500). **Link to project , Website**
  6. Hlo+: Tasked with making unique and feasible use of 5G, we built a service, Hlo+, for mass gatherings and large campuses. You can use an app to figure out where lines are shortest based on data from 5G phone signals. If a room in a building is too crowded, it gives a warning on the app (and also possibly an IOT device at the entrance to the room,) warning people immunocompromised to stay away, and to prevent events like stampedes or building collapses. It integrates with motion sensors, smart lights, sanitary HVAC systems, and door motors! Hlo+ won Second Place at T-Mobile 5G Hackathon ($2000). Link to project   Website
  7. MerryDining: MerryDining is an app that allows you to make reservations at restaurants/bars matching your dietary restrictions. With a reservation made on MerryDining, you can be seated near people with similar tastes/preferences. It also lets you connect with foodies who go to the same/similar restaurants who have similar food preferences as you. Third Place winner at HackIllinois 2021, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Link to project
  8. BasedMatch: an app that helps you make better connections by factoring in things that actually matter, like your sense of humor, taste in food, and your carbon footprint! Best UI/UX Design Prize winner at BitCamp Hackathon 2021, University of Maryland. Link
  9. Cryptocracy: With a team of six other high schoolers from Delhi, I organized a global Cryptic Hunt x CTF event, which amassed thousands of participants spanning over continents. Gave out prizes worth ₹120,000 to the winners - raised entirely on our own and through sponsorships. https://cryptichunt.com/
  10. Recoin: Interactive donation service where whenever you make a payment the app rounds off your transactions to the nearest whole number or to the nearest 5 or 10s of your currency and donates the change to a charity of your choice. Wolfram Award winner at [email protected] 2021, Brown University. **Link to project**
  11. Empact: An app that helps parents monitor potential cyberbullying of their children by analyzing the tone of conversations they have, whether on text or on call. Made as a part of **HackPSU 2021, Penn State University.** Link to project
  12. BattleNotes: BattleNotes is a web-based game where musicians, fitness freaks, and typists can battle each other! Created at HackDartmouth 2021, Dartmouth University. Link to project
  13. OurFund: a virtual form of lending circles, where you can lend/donate/gift money to members within a group. Lending circles help participants in groups raise money for various expenses such as car down payments, debts and small-business investments. The circle consists of a group of people lending money to each other at very low or no cost. Made as a part of **HooHacks 2021, University of Virginia. Link to project**
  14. Movieoke: an amazing way to recite movie dialogues with your friends right on your phone! Record, compete, score. Our AI helps us give you points for accuracy in tone and timing! You can compete solo, with your friends, or random people online, and push to reach the top of the global/friends leaderboard! Best Domain Name Winner at MLH The Second H-Act Link to project
  15. Skrrt: A concept sex education app for everyone. The app features content that pleases people of all ages, written by featured authors with experience in sexual dimorphism, child psychology, freudian theories etc. Winner of *Make at Minet*, $10k worth prizes. Link